Hunters Hill Anglican Parish, Sydney NSW

Baptism is the sign of new life through Jesus Christ. It unites the person baptized with Christ and His people.

Baptism is offered to all who accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Upon being baptised a person becomes part of Christ’s body, a full member of the Church. As a full member of the Church each person is expected to live according to the promises they have made, or that have been made on behalf of an infant.

Belonging to Christ’s body (the Church) means developing a deeper understanding of what it means to live as a part of Jesus.

The Church is a community of diverse people, each adding their gifts and talents to make the world more like God’s Kingdom. Baptised members attend communal worship regularly (usually weekly) for prayer, study, reflection, the sacraments and fellowship with other members of Christ’s body.

The Baptism of infants is a special celebration. It demonstrates the desire of a family to live as faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Families make promises on behalf of their children and promise to raise and nurture them in a Christian household, so that one day they will make an informed choice about how they may also choose to follow Jesus and be a part of the Church.

Therefore, baptism is about belonging to Christ and his Church. It is about being a member of the Christian community.

The Anglican Parish of Hunters Hill does not take the gift of baptism lightly. Individuals and Sponsors make promises before God, which we believe must be upheld. We, the Church, promise to support those who make such promises through our prayers, our care, nurture, support and encouragement of the individual, or the family, in the practices of Christian living.

For those seeking to have a child baptised who are not regular members of our congregation we require a meeting with the clergy, and attendance atworship on at least two occasions preceding baptism and on one of these they will be formally welcomed and introduced to the congregation.

Baptism of Infants occurs on the Third Sunday of each month (other than Sundays on which a significant Parish event or Feast Day falls) at 12:00noon in All Saints' church. A maximum of three children are baptised on this Sunday.

Is baptism the right choice for you? Perhaps it is worth reflecting further before saying yes? Download a copy of our booklet about the important choice you desire to make for your child.

A Service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child
Life, and especially new life, is very sacred. We recognise the desire of parents and grandparents to celebrate the birth of children and to ask God to bless them as they begin their journey.

The 'Service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child' is a short liturgy which makes no demands of belief or commitment from the parents. Instead, it expresses our deepest wishes and desires and pronounces God's blessing. It is a meaningful liturgy which brings together the past and the present.

The Service may be conducted at any location within reasonable travel distance or within the church at a suitable time to be negotiated between the minister and the family.

The Service is also able to be personalised to your family and situation. A sample copy can be downloaded here.

For further information please contact the Senior Minister at email.


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